Handover of Signboard & Dustbin at Kala Dana Beach, Mukah
Tarikh : 15 Sep 2022

MUKAH - On 12 September 2022, Environment Division, HSSE in collaboration with Dalat and Mukah District Council (MDDM) organised  a handover ceremony of signboards and dustbins at Kala Dana Beach, Mukah.

This programme is a follow-up from beach cleaning programme which was held in June 2022. Two signboards and four dustbins were handover to MDDM as part of SEB’s contribution towards waste management initiative at Kala Dana Beach. Attended by 15 staffs from SEB and MDDM, led by Ir. Robin Tigai, GM HSE and Cr. Moon Inal, Chairperson Community & Tourism Development Committee, MDDM. Also present were Abdul Razak, Secretary of MDDM, Mohd Farishan, Health Officer of MDDM, Ts. Mahmood Long, Senior Manager Environment, Abbas Salimi Madon, Station Manager Mukah Power Generation (MPG) and Mohammad Firdaus, Asst Mgr. Mukah Regional Office.